Author Mentor Match: I’m In!

I’m so happy to (belatedly) announce that I’ve been selected for the second AuthorMentorMatch class!

I submitted the Dragon WIP to the mentorship in April, and found out last month that I’ve been paired with Andrea Ellickson, who was agented through DVpit and has some great contemporary fantasy/magical realism projects up her sleeve.

I’m excited for Andrea’s advice from the other side of the querying trenches—and to incorporate her insight on my book. I’ve been tackling my to-do list (which included starting this blog) while she and my CPs read the manuscript and this summer, I’ll be revising using Susan Dennard’s method. I’m super-writer-nerd excited. Hopefully the story lands in a good spot come August and I can query this fall *crosses fingers*

This is the second time I’ve submitted the Dragon WIP to AMM. The first time I had just finished a big revision and wasn’t expecting much, but got a request and then an incredibly encouraging note from one of the mentors. I wasn’t paired up, but it was the motivation I needed to revise and try again this spring.

When the pairings were announced last month, the AMM organizer, Alexa Donne, emphasized how subjective contests can be. Eight people in my class submitted to the first round and weren’t picked. It was subjective as an entrant too! I had a heck of a time trying to figure out who might like this book, and it was probably even worse for the mentors.

So, this is a Never Give Up story, though honestly all of publishing is a Never Give Up story.

It takes forever to become a proficient writer. Once you get a grasp on it, you’re tasked with trying to communicate the human experience to other people through words on a page, and it’s hard. Really hard. And speaking as someone who’s read slush, being an agent/editor is a really subjective process. But I love it anyway. There’s always more to learn.

There are a bajillion amazing writing blogs out there. While I have some advice as well, I love boosting my favorite veterans more than I love reinventing the wheel. But, I never get tired of reading about other writers’ journeys to publication. So that’s what I’m going to do here.

I love how Victoria Schwab tweets transparently about the daily work of writing, and I want to do a similar thing. I’ll blog about my projects, goals, the mentorship, and what I learn from all of it. There are so many steps between thinking of a book idea and seeing it in Barnes and Noble, and when you’re really deep in the writing trenches, it helps to know you’re not struggling there alone.

Thanks for journeying with me! If you prefer more regular chatter, I will likely be on Twitter more often than I am blogging here.


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